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25 June 2011 @ 08:18 am
A rare Double HJ Pic in Andre Kim Fashion show and my opinion  
First of all I thanks to Kaye for giving me a chance to maintain this community..<33 Thanks a lot, sis..!!
This pic shows an obvious relationship between Leader and Baby back on November 2006.

So far I've been watching and following their relationship, and I feel that Leader and Baby has a love-hate-rivalry relationship.

In Radio Fishery, Baby said he wanted to catch up Leader but .... for sure, Leader doesn't let Baby to catch up him or to be above him..The love-hate-rivalry is secretly going on between this couple until now even they don't show it....Why I know about this..? For example..

On KKB Interview in Taiwan Fanmeeting 2 years ago ..Baby said if he wasn't a singer he wanted to be a CEO of the company, and then Leader was the next to be asked a question, Leader said, if Baby was a CEO, he wanted to be a President above the CEO, so he wanted to be above Hyung Jun..and the MC was laughing at his 4D answer...

Many people said, Tom&Jerry has a love-hate relationship, I don't think they are.. JungMin and Baby love teasing each other and playing up around , specially when there's a camera, they're supporting each other just like brothers and best friends
Around early middle of 2006 (Jan--July), when you watch their reality shows in Japan, you will notice how awkward Leader and Baby around each other, on 29th January when they were attending a Radio show, promoting Snow Prince, it's a 59 minutes long show, I noticed something when Baby was trying to play with Leader, like brushing his hair or smiling and joking with him, Leader wasn't able to look at Baby, he was sitting and became quiet like a statue,  there's no smile or playful reactions from him towards Baby..
I also watched their first debut and promotion videos in Japan on April to June 2006 and their reality show on May 2006 in L.A (Hollywood Bowl), you could feel the awkwardness between them, the double HJ was hardly interacting, they seemed avoiding each other, I noticed when I watched the videos,Leader was very playful with KyuSaengMin, but very serious, mature and manly when he was together with Baby,  no jokes and playfulness when he's with Baby even though Baby is a bright and cheery person who likes to joke.
Many people said YS and HJL had an awkward relationship, yes they were,  because they're born at the same year, they had to respect each other, another reason, YS was very serious, mature and rarely to smile so Leader didn't want to be so playful with him..
I also experienced an awkward relationship with my school mate because she looked very distant and serious, this didn't mean I loved her, I was just feeling awkward because of her behaviour, so in regarding HJL and YS, I don't think they still have an awkward relationship.. Heo is Love professor because he had numerous relationships with his ex-girlfriends, so when members has their love life problems, they will run to Young Saeng to seek his guidances and advices, so this is maybe the reason why Leader and Baby are very close with YS..
In my opinion with another pairings like KyuSaeng (kyuJong and YoungSaeng), they are brothers because they have similar personalities, they feel comfortable around each other, same thing as MinJoon (Baby and JungMin), they like joking and playing around because they are SUN persons,HyunKyu can understand each other, Leader seems comfortable with KyuJong too and Baby also feels the same way when he's with KyuJong maybe because KyuJong is very good person, GaeMal was very active around 2005 - 2007, Leader liked playing  with Jung Min but until 2008 and now, they seem distant, during "Love Like This"  Leader had a cold war with Jung Min, I still don't know what happened with them back then..

The only members who can fit in are Kyu Jong and Young Saeng..! They don't have dramas...
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iluvhyde522iluvhyde522 on July 9th, 2011 07:53 am (UTC)
Wow this was really insightful. Do you have any more opinions or ideas on the two of them to share :)
cleomooncleomoon on July 10th, 2011 06:18 am (UTC)
yes i have a lot opinions I want to share when I have chance! Thanks so much for commenting :)
shananceliceshanancelice on February 11th, 2012 10:57 pm (UTC)
Wao, I must agree about the two have a love-hate-rivalry relationship, I think so too ^^. About the awkward thing, I don't know yet cause I haven't watched many shows yet.

Base on what I have watched, there're 2 triangle relationships here LOL. Pre-debut and debut time, I see Kyumin and 2HJ (baby always stick himself to his leader during the mpick mnet show), later shows, I see Kyusaeng more, 2HJ was still strong <3 but during some interview in 2009, sometimes, I notice Baby talked/played with Jungmin a lot (one of those times, he didn't even look at leader and HJL can't stop looking at Minjoon T^T, I wonder if they fought or what).

Just my thought though ^^; I don't dislike any couple in SS501 but only a few pairs gave me the vibes of a couple: DHJ, Kyumin, Kyusaeng, Minjoon (about this couple, I don't feel anything more than friendship from shows during debut time to 2008, but during 2009 up to now, I start to feel something though). Even so, I still want to see DHJ together again T^T