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25 March 2012 @ 09:10 pm
[Fanfict] This moment worth it..  

Title: this moment worth it.
Pairing: DoubleHJ
Rating: G
Warning: This is so drabble and plotless. At least for me.
Summary: I’m suck about summaries lol so please don’t ask one
Author's note: yeah, im the writer of the oh-so-drabble fanfict xkayex posted earlier :) this is much better, I think, but still, so cheesy.

Disclaimer: I post this for everyone's pleasure. We are not in any way in connection with Kim Hyun Joong or Kim Hyung Jun and their respective companies.

Hyungjun sat there, on his usual spot. He looked outside through the glass, onto the same point, everyday, no matter how it was snowing that day. He took a sip of his coffee, not turning his head. He remembered that moment, their first meeting. He couldn’t forget it.

He remembered when that guy accidentally bumped into him. He remembered when he spilled his coffee onto his new shirt. He remembered that smile.

He sighed, and finally, he turned and looked into the empty chair in front of him. He stared on the empty spot.

He remembered that guy often sat there. He remembered that guy would laugh together with him there. He remembered that their first kiss happened there.

His fingers played on the table. His mind was full of those memories. Just like what had done before.

He remembered that guy’s promise to him, in their last meeting, that he would come back.

Hyungjun took a deep breath, and raised his hand. He ordered another cup of double Cappuccino.

He remembered that he cried when that guy told him that he was going, leaving him alone.

His order came. He smiled at the waitress, and stare onto the coffee.

He remembered everything. He remembered it every day.

Someone tapped his shoulder.  Hyungjun turned around, and he froze.

That someone... was someone who left him 2 years ago. who had been missed by Hyungjun. Who made him rolled under his blanket and cry every night. That guy had not change. That guy was... Hyunjoong who stared at him and said, “Don’t you miss me?”

His heart had flied to the sky. He had been waiting for that moment for 2 years, and Hyunjoong kept his promise.

“What take you so long to come back here?” Hyungjun said, his voice was trembling, just like his body.

“I was looking for something special.” By that, Hyunjoong took a little red box from his jacket. He opened the box and said, “You and me, together, no matter what. Right?”

Hyungjun smiled. His 2-years-of-waiting was worth it.

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princessmeli09princessmeli09 on March 26th, 2012 06:48 am (UTC)
aww! :D
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