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12 January 2012 @ 09:57 pm
[Fanfic] Untitled Drabble  
Hi everyone, I am just posting for a good friend of mine. This is made by Cath of 2HJ Indonesia. Visit their forum: http://z7.invisionfree.com/KHJ2F_Indonesia/index.php

Disclaimer: This is not my fanfiction. I am just asked to post this for everyone's pleasure. We are not in any way in connection with Kim Hyun Joong or Kim Hyung Jun and their respective companies.

So, he was just sitting there on his sofa. THE Kim Hyunjoong, sat stiffly, knowing nothing to do. His mouth was slightly open, eyes on the TV screen. Hyungjun, *his* Hyungjun, was on a bed scene. He had known about the scene already, but still, it was so shocking. Hyungjun seemed so hot there. He was aroused. But in the other side, he still couldn't believe how natural Hyungjun did that with that woman.
Without knowing what he's doing, Hyunjoong reached his cellphone and called Hyungjun.
"Hello hyung"
Did Hyungjun just called him *hyung*?
"Uh.. Hyungjun-ah.. Congratulation on your drama! You looked so natural."
"Hahaha! Thank you hyung! You taught me the best!" Again, he called him hyung.
"Hyungjun-ah, why are you calling me 'hyung'?"
"Hahaha, you're so funny, hyung! Yes it's so crowded here! Manager hyungs are here to watch it with me."
Hyunjoong took the hint. Hyungjun's new managers didn't know about them. No one from his new agency knew about them. They all know, Hyungjun's agency is so.. Old fashioned.
"Hyungjun-ah, can you just come here, please? I want to grab a dinner with you."
"Okay hyung, I'll be there soon."
"Okay, bye."
He hung the phone up.
Then Hyunjoong realized that his tummy was full. Why did he ask Hyungjun to come? And he didn't know what to do when Hyungjun arrived. He didn't know what to say when Hyungjun arrived. Simply, it was still so awkward for himself.
He looked at his reflection on the dark window glass, and said, "You're stupid, Hyunjoong."
He put his t-shirts on (yes, he was sitting there half naked.), waiting for Hyungjun, although he was still confused, what to do. He was still shocked by the scene.
The scene.. Hyungjun seemed so hot. That lips, that eyes, that body. Hyunjoong felt so aroused just by imagining it. But that women.. She ruined Hyunjoong's imagination. And Hyungjun seemed so enjoyed too. His mood was ruined. His anger was building. Yes, he was so sensitive about sex.
Suddenly, his door bell rang. It must be Hyungjun. But Hyunjoong sat still, knowing Hyungjun had his room password. Next second, Hyungjun came in, and immediately walked to Hyunjoong's room, and sat comfortably by his side. He wear a black turtleneck and a long jeans. Hyunjoong's favorite turtleneck.
"Hi babe."
Hyungjun kissed Hyunjoong's cheek, swirling his hands around Hyunjoong's neck. And in the moment, he knew something was not good.
"Hmm. Nice acting, Hyungjun-ah. These episodes were epic."
Hyunjoong wasn't facing him. Wasn't looking into his eyes. Oh this is bad.
"Thanks. I'm satisfied with today's episodes too.."
"Of course you are."
Hyungjun raised one of his eyebrows.
"What do you mean?"
Hyunjoong was finally facing him that moment, but Hyungjun wished he wasn't. Hyunjoong eyes was so dark, he can't reach it.
"Oh I mean, you MUST be enjoyed it so much, especially that scene. You looked so natural, and enjoyed her touch. That bitch." He looked away again.
Then, it hit Hyungjun. He knew what scene Hyunjoong just talked. He knew it.
His Hyunjoong is jealous.
"Hyunjoong.. Look at me." He dropped his formality here.
"Hyunjoong. Look. At me."
Hyunjoong turned his head. Was that tears on his eyes?
"Why are you act so childish like this? It's just a frama goddammit!"
Hyungjun is a oh-so-cutey magnae, but at times when Hyunjoong act so childish like this like this, he was a mature one.
"I'm childish? You called me childish! Go on! Call me childish! Go leave me like the others do! But I just freakin love you and now you're calling me childish? I don't want to see you with somebody else! Especially that bitch! She can't even wear lipstick by her own! I know her!"
Hyungjun wanted to laugh, it was so funny for him. Yes he know he is a bi. But that doesn't mean Hyunjoong could be jealous at that girl. Hyungjun had no feeling on her. His heart is already locked by Hyunjoong. And Hyunjoong's random rant was so.. Random.
Hyungjun stared at Hyunjoong's eyes.
"Did you think that I will just go away after our 4 years relationship? No! Did you think I like her? No! Did you think I like her touch? No! I like and want yours!"
By that, Hyungjun kissed Hyunjoong. Deeply.
After a moment he stopped and teased, "but her touch was so.. Experienced. Maybe I like it. She's also beautiful."
Hyunjoong pouted.
'Who is the magnae, actually?' Hyungjun thought.
"Anyway, who taught you about those moves? I've never seen you like that on bed." Hyunjoong tries to change the topic, tried to distract himself too. He suddenly realized that he acted like a 5 years old boy who is crying for nothing.
"What? Want me to show you?" Hyungjun teased.
Hyunjoong felt aroused, again.
"What if you show me, after you get some punishment first?"
"Yes, for acting so natural."
Hyungjun pouted.
"It should be a present, not a punishment!"
Hyunjoong smirked. "It will be both, then."
Hyungjun groaned.
They kissed again, passionately. After a while, without breaking the kiss, they stand up and having their way to Hyunjoong's bed.
After laying Hyungjun on bed, Hyunjoong started to 'attack' his boyfriend.
Kissing him from the lips, to the jawline, then to his neck.
"Unnffff, Hyunjoong, not a tease please.."
In a moment, they were both naked. Soon, Hyungjun's hand was cuffed to the headboard.
"Ah! I hate bondage! Hyunjoong!"
"I told you, this is a punishment!"
That night, Hyunjoong's neighbors are so annoyed with the noises. Until the dawn. Nonstop.


Next morning, Hyungjun hardly walked outside, going home and getting ready for his schedule. He was sore for crying out loud. And he had bite marks on his neck too. Hyunjoong insisted to drive him home, but suddenly he got call from his manager, he was late for a CF recording, and it was on the other side of the town.
"Damn, he shouldn't be jealous anymore. Pleasure, but I'm sore! Eight rounds? What was he thinking!"


In the drama set at a beach, Hyungjun was getting ready. His make-up noona was so confused. So much bruises and bite mark. But she covered it without asking anything.
"Hyungjun! You are going to shoot a kiss scene now. This should be so hot and natural that everyone will be shocked and jealous at home."
Hyungjun is so shocked. No. He's still sore. No more jealous Hyunjoong. No! No! No!

princessmeli09: pic#113934900princessmeli09 on January 24th, 2012 07:24 am (UTC)
I know you didn't write it but thanks for sharing. I had been wanting to read something similar to this since I saw Baby's bed scene lol.